Ender's Game: The "Simulation"

Hey, I made this scene from Ender’s Game, and was wondering what suggestions you guys had to make it better. This is one of my first blender scenes:


Modeling looks good enough.
You should concentrate on the material parts, and lighting :slight_smile:

I certainly can’t fault you for choice of topic (best. book. ever.).

I agree that you need to work on the lighting a bit but the general design is pretty much what I always imagined the simulator to look like. Though for the ships in the simulator I always thought they would be more of a rough outline rather than just the reticles that you have (think the old vector Star Wars arcaded game).

The scene is also very dark, though I think that may be this monitor.

Excelent book by an excelent author.

Some sort of blueness to the ceiling might be improve it. Some form of reflection from the blue lines on the hologram.

the final exam, eh?

i thought the hologram was in the shape of a cube though… may be mistaken.

it is ahem a uh…cube in the book, but i didn’t realize that until after i had made it already, so now its just a…spin off of it or something like that

Oh yeah, Ender’s Game is by far the best book I have ever read. I love the pic, although i think the background should be a bit more space like and not so much a stormy look.
Other than that, I think it looks great. Good job!

Wow. It has been so long since I’ve read that book. If I remember, weren’t three other people with him, including the girl. (I can’t believe I don’t remember their names! :-? ) I really like the material for the sphere.


Lol, neither can I. but weren’t the other kids somewhere else and he talked to them over a headphone type thing? Yeah, I know, I have no life lol.

Sounds like that is another book I’ve got to read.

About the picture: I agree with the other comments. Work some more on materials and lighting. Another thing which looks odd to me are the hands of the person. They seem to be at an odd angle.