Ender's Game

I’m working on the character Ender from the Ender’s Game novels. I plan on making his different uniforms from the Dragon, Rat and Salamander armies as well as the null-gravity suit. The ear was quickly done so don’t pay too much attention to that :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, I loved those books. :slight_smile: And this model is extremely well done!

I remember reading this! Awesome!

It’ll be interesting to see where you go with this. Are you planning to animate little Ender? Maybe a scene from the Battle Room? Very cool. I just read “Ender in Exile” and enjoyed it as much as the rest of the series.

Quick Update: I got the rigging done :smiley:


Well, my first few attempts at texturing haven’t been so hot. Does anyone know of some good tutorials for texturing uniforms, clothing, and faces?

This looks like it’s coming along well. Read Ender’s Game and the first sequel, but I strongly preferred Ender’s Shadow. A work of art.

Turns out texturing isn’t really my bag, but it is coming along. There are some basic problems with the noticeable seams and breaks in the texture, but I guess it’s not awful… I would love some hints or comments, so I can make his uniform look better.


Great novels/universe,to create from. I allways wondered what the invader types looked like.

Organics quite good but the lip should be examined to see if the wire.

I still think the texture is holding the overall quality back, but I think I’m gonna move on to animating or shape keys. Any other tips on texturing or bump maps would be awesome.


Where the arm meets the shoulder looks funny, like it’s making a way too dramatic change in size, seems like it should be smoother.

I really like that book…

I think you should model the clothes too.

I don’t think the shoulder looks odd at all, sure texturing doesn’t look finished, but the rest looks really clean as far as I can see.

Texturing suggestions - try using a mesh pattern on the suit, as a normal map and multiplied over the color layer at ~10%. Cgtextures.com has a good selection of large textures. Changing the angle of the mesh on the different panels would help give a sense the suit was manufactured, as well. Wrinkles at the elbows and knees help too.

Given that the suits were strong enough to stiffen up and prevent movement, it might be a good idea to actually create a raised “lip” of fabric at the neck and wrists,as the fabric would be pretty thick.

Of course, take everything I say with a grain of salt - texturing isn’t my greatest skill either.

Here’s a quick progress shot of the cloth texture I’m working with. It doesn’t fix all the textures seaming problems, but I’m sort of moving past all that, :P. Pyro, I think you’re suggestions about switching the direction of the texture for the different areas is a great idea, I plan on using a different texture altogether for the light blue areas.


Looking a lot better in my opinion. But I would make the ‘mesh’ texture smaller. Depends on what size image you are using I guess. I assume that you’ll make the seams in the fabric align with the seams in the mesh? You can drag them around in the UV window to make them line up better.

I’ve toyed around with the texture a lot, and learned a ton. I really appreciate the comments and the help. Here’s what I have so far, the face, boots and hair still could use some texturing, but I think I’m going to switch gears and start animating or modeling the null-G suit.


I’ve started to work on his Null-G suit, using Pasqual Ferry’s interpretation from the Marvel Ender’s Game comic book.


Huh. Good progress. It seems weird though because I’m familiar with this version of the battle room uniform.