"Endfall" Book Cover - Render

I did this art for a book cover, a book still in the writing called ENDFALL.
The book is a fantasy/fiction that explores concepts dealing with creation, evolution, genetic engineering, and the human mind. The idea is that after the human species is exinct, “The Creator” comes from his home and rebuilds the
human species a for a second time. The results are molded into a story in the book, Endfall.

The book is not yet complete, but you can follow the tumblr site here: http://endfallbook.tumblr.com/

This is the original render. (500 samples)

This is the final book cover. (Edited with color, snow effects, and title design)

This work was done in 2 days.

I’m not sure what I am looking at. Is that a castle in the background? Is that a lance in the foreground? Why is the lance transparent? What is the ground? Are those spaceships in the sky?

I like the concept, but do not really care for the models. Lots of potential here.

If this helps at all, this is an image meant to represent what a part of the world could look like after “The Creator” begins human life a second time, as explained in the description. The book this is for has lots of bizarre looking things in it, simply because of how different things could be. But yes, that is a building in the background and what is lying in the snow is a weapon used by characters in the book.