Ending an action in game?

So I have this guy walking and I want him to just stop walking when I let go of up arrow.

Nooooooooooooob LOL

sorry about that i just thought it would be funny

How are your logic brick set up? Are you using a Motion actuator or Action actuator.

You may make a default action with ALWAYS type.

Okay first, I got a kick out of the long noob thing. Second, I have his resting position as always do the action, but its at the top of the list and so has last priority. And, then i just have it so that when I hit up the guy does his walk animation. I am mostly just concerned about the action. The motion is working fine on an invisible parented cube. And also, i am going to use that nooooooooob thing once I am good at something.

Change the action type to “loop stop.”