Endi's Blender ideas

Sorry, I have no time to write my ideas to blender.org.
And my english is very bad for this…
But here is a list that I write many month ago.
I think I have good ideas. :slight_smile:


… I’ll comment when I read it

sounds nice

how bout a solid mode lighting in textured mode too?

yeah… I think that is what I said

perhaps this should just be a third subsurf method because catmul then simple doesn’t look good.

umm… I don’t think that would tell us much. per pixel lighting using the same method in [2.33] materials is possible, but not likely to be considered until blender developers decide that requiring better than opengl 1.1 [current ver is 1.5], which I guess could happen in a couple years when blender 3.0 development really starts.

I am confused

the decimator in the edit buttons lists the triangle count

except when you are in edit mode


escape should close the render window so I can get back to work

yep, that would be nice, particularly because it would allow several scenes to share the same settings

yeah, somewhat

the render time only really matters for animations

that is a pretty good idea

blender in general needs a better way of stitching.

what you just said is kind of like asking for an active vert [which behaves the same as an active object would], which could make new commands possible.

you will have to explain this better

so, you want to be able to hold the mouse button down when selecting things from menus?

there is another glitch with the new ui, if you let go of the mouse button before the menu is completely displayed you will select the option which would have showed up underneath the mouse.

you aren’t the first to ask for this

others would call it context senitive help

the default .blend file should be basic

that could be an example file [which blender doesn’t come with any of now, it should come with some and docs, or at least they should be easily accesable]

actually, I don’t

you want real size values to correspond to size values in the uv window?

if you just mean a checkerboard texture option so that you could make that happen, sure.

if you mean blender unwraping the mesh so it DOES happen, that are several theories on how to do this and I would argue it isn’t usually nescescary to have it perfect. the lscm tools and the exsiting tools will allow very nice results

so, unwrap each face individually. no human will paint the texture directly :wink:

that, I can understand

attempt warp the uv coordinates so that relative sizes of edges are similar. unfortunately this is almost the opposite of what lscm tries to do. it tries to keep the shape of the faces, given that the size will have to change to get it to lay flat. I don’t think it is reasonable to expect face sizes to correspond to texture amounts without many seams.

a paintable value for the effect you just mentioned? I’m confused

local axis 3d view directions?

[why not just have a linked copy of the mesh which isn’t rotated on another layer]

… I guess

variable resolution too…

more datablocks!

yes, perhaps

This sounds like what can already be done with weighted creases.



i like the idea of ordering the sub surf.


sub surf 5 Cat -mul of a plane with a displacement texture on it will often result in a jaggey finish, even if the mesh is very detailed. (the texture

however a cat-mul sub surf x2
then a simple sub surf x2
then the displacement is applied.
then a cat-mul sub surf x1

will result in the same number of verts, but the final displacement will be smoothed off to get rid of jaggeys.

the order of things effecting other things is important IMO.


that sounds excellent!

we have “merg verts”? Where?



Have you looked at the new LSCM UVmap tool that’s will be in the new version? Much like what you are asking for.



I use the “w” button because I never have my right hand on the keyboard.

you can left hand a Alt+M combo :wink:

My my. You must have a lot of time on your hands to make such an extensive list of desires.

I lift up this topic, because I want to know: some of my ideas will be implemented in Blender?
Especially the simple things, like opengl lights in textured view and textured edit mode.

this really is not the best of places for this.
try http://www.blender.org

I think someone reposted your message there…

some new 3d views and editmodes are “in the works”… I made out a little paper of them… and could read your proposals thru again and add them to the list… let’s see.


Jupp, as basse said, hard to get coders attention in these forums, best place for feature ideas would be at www.blender.org :slight_smile:

Some of those ideas sound pretty good, but with the new version some of those like subsurf ordering will become pretty much obsolete. Subsurf ordering because of the weighted edges.