endi's commercial chess-like game project needs a coder

So this is the new topic for the commercial chess-like game project.

First - because most of Blender users hates the commercial target - why commercial?
-because I am not a student and I need money to live :smiley:
-I want to make a serious and good game - we need to reach this because our target is commercial!
-I am working in gamedev 10 years, so I have professional experiences and skills

Why chess-like?
-chess-LIKE: so it is not a chess, but not a fantasy rpg game - a board game with some fantasy feeling
-chess is a hard and serious game - our game must be easy (chess is too hard for common gamers), but:
-maybe can work if we make a hard game like chess: in this case our target is the chess-fans
-we must aim the chess fans - I think this is a good target
-chess has the feeling of ancient - we need this

About the gameplay:
-important: I have only basic ideas - I want to create the gameplay with the coder, so:
-the coder must have designer skills, must have good ideas
-basic gameplay (the rules) must be simple as the chess rules
-gameplay must be very original - you can say I am stupid but I want to race with the legendary chess! :slight_smile:
-this will be a non-popular game, but I think we can get a big fan-base! (don’t forget: we don’t race with popular games)

Some gameplay details (only ideas! all can change! I am open to a more-chess-like game!!!):
-no fixed size board, there is many various levels with “missions”
-no black and white figures: opponents can be totally different on the various levels
-there is only 5-6 type player figures

-no animations - this is a board game - maybe it can works as a real board game!
-figures can be bronze, stone, silver, gold etc. figures - as the real boardgame figures
-some simple effects is okay
-we have no hope to race with the big fantasy games - this is why I want to make a chess-like board game

Some things that we talk only in email:
-ways of selling our game
-about the money :slight_smile:

So if you are a coder and you want to make a serious and commercial chess-like game, please send email: endi /a/ index /dot/ hu. If you have basic questions, please write it in this topic!

And for unbelievers: please, do not write in this topic. Yes, yes you are right:
-this will not work
-impossible to make commercial game with Blender
-people will hate the graphics
-no one will like this game
-no one will buy this game
So bye-bye! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my bad english. :slight_smile: Dont forget: you will work with me and with my bad english. :slight_smile:

a final figure

Beautiful work. All I can say is that I wish I was a coder. Good Luck!

I think it would be cooler if you could make some stiff animations for the chess pieces. And maybe turn the board into something more exotic instead of a flat surface.

This is just a suggestion, but I think you could make a chess game but with exotic animated chess pieces and making the board have some geometry. Maybe give the game some kind of background…

What about creating the game around gods. So you create two god characters. Like Odin vs Zeus. And then you create the board game between them. And every time you move a piece the gods will animate. That would add a lot to it, especially if you could choose what god to play with.

If you manage to make this game play online. It could become very popular if you give the player some options. Adding the option to select what god to play with would make the game much more fun. And would make it possible for the player to relate much more to the game and get himself involved.

Zarnik, thanks for the tips, but warning: we can’t pay for any tips or ideas. This is a commercial project. Better nobody send tips. :slight_smile:
I think…

As a comment, chess like artificial intelligence is one of the hardest A.I. to code, in order to make it competitive, or to make it feel as a human and not a dumb computer.

Leaving that aside, this looks like a doable project, I really hope you can make it work, since I also think that Blender can achieve commercial quality and that there should be commercial Blender projects.

Yes this is true. As I write, I want to make a chess-LIKE game. Maybe this means mostly the feeling and the originality. And the chess is too hard to play.
And we need simpe gameplay because of the speed of Python.

Maybe you could make a more simple board game like:



They are my personal favorites :stuck_out_tongue:

dude, no one’s going to buy your game…

ha ha I thought I’d say that just because you said not to. :slight_smile:

Um, I think it’d be cool to add animations, like, chess pieces come to life, I always found that cool XD

Good luck! :smiley:


I like the idea, and I like the models. Is there a reason their eyes are closed? It seems to be on purpose.

Hey endi, let me tell you a little something… You’re saying you want money to live, right?
Have you actually Thought of some things before starting your work?(like if people are interested in your game genre, or if they’re willing to play hard or easy games, dunno…). I just wanted to tell you that You Could(you’re more than capable) to make professional models available for sale. I think this will be a much faster way of earning your daily money.
Just my 2 cents…

If you’re interested in this, Turbo Squid is a great place to get started!

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christiani_if: this is offtopic here

I wish I could code so I could help you, always wanted to do a game like this.:frowning:
Anyway, if you need any help modelling I’d love to help. Good luck on the project!

It would be interesting to see a wireframe of the models. Or are those highpoly models?

Also, It would be cool to have different chess pieces and boards, like standard pieces, or more. Search “Fancy Chess Pieces” on Google Images, and you’ll see what I mean


ShingWanTin, these models are lowpoly models, texture baked from hipoly (sculpted) models.

dang thats awesome! Keep it up!

Hi endi,

your work is of very high standard, I’m sure many people will take this attempt seriously.

What version of blender are you working with? I might possibly offer my skills as a coder to you, your game idea is interesting. However, I am 18, in my last year of school and effort I put in would be second priority to my school work.

Wow! I love the models. I also think robot/stonelike animations would make it better. Kind of like in harrypotter chess (Watch the first movie). And The terrain would be cool if it was hilly/rocky/grassy terrain. That way you would get a much different type of gameplay than on a regular chessboard. You could even have bigger armys than in a regular chess game. Those models are spectacular!! I would definetley buy this!!! (If it wasn’t over 20 bucks and I actually had money.) How many polys are the pieces?