endi's commercial chess-like game project needs a coder

thank you everybody, I start the work with a coder

Great concept, especialy the fact you are going commercial with it as I will later down the road with my game project (approx. 2 years).

I like the models too they are very “ancient-like” but I only wish you luck with finding a coder, take it from me, it is pretty hard to find experienced coders who are willing to work without money untill it is released…



I could help with modeling different themes for the chess game (unless you don’t need help)

Hey endi, I can send you my models if you want to use them, you can use them as a different piece set, they are all modelled and have the normal maps on, the graphic quality of my game is very nice( at least for me), so if you want me to send you something just tell me, this is my thread.
Sorry i ll have to use them for other endings now, sorry about offer and then go back, but I had a different oportunity with those pieces now, Good luck with your project!