Endi's homemade PC games downloadable!

Here you can download my old PC games:


Coded in Pascal, Delphi, assembly.

Hey, no comments?

The games look pretty good. Im not multilingual, so there was a couple i couldn’t figure out, but the english ones i tried. The graphics are nice, although the menu setup wasn’t perfect.
So in the end, for homemade games, they’re really good, although i don’t think you could sell them for much.

Oh but I want to sell them for millions of dollars…

endi, you can sell them for millions of dollars, just that you’d have to settle for Monopoly money :wink:

linux ports coming?


Oh no… since I working in game developing (as graphician), I don’t programming. 3 years…
But if I have money and time to make non-commercial games in my free time, I will make this games in Python. :slight_smile: So it will works on Linux.