Endlesly rendering 1st sample 2.91

I am trying to do ultra basic smoke sim: just a icosphere emmiting smoke as inflow object in domain.
I can see the smoke working in viewport but when I switch to cycles rendered view it endlesly rerenders the 1st sample. In the pixelated view that is visible I can’t see any smoke - just the other objects. I copied the domain and emitter and baked into new .blend but it still is stuck on sample 1 rerendering it rapidly like 10 times per second as can be seen by flickering that is happening on the pixelated screen.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Please share a screen shot! Hard to tell with nothing to go on…It just might be you accidentally changed the frames in timeline or in the output properties…down to 1 frame?

I solved this by creating a new file and using “quick smoke” effect. Other than that the file was 100% fresh, nothing modified and smoke domain and inflow objects using default settings, there was however a basic collision object that, when deleted allowed stuff to function properly so I guess it was at fault.

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Glad you found it!
Happy Blending!