Endless Lands *update*

Greetings fellow blenders I have returned from a much needed break from blending. I am back in business and back to designing. You can see my latest screenshots on the website provided below. It is just a game , if you have nothing helpful to say or your just here to criticize I’d rather not hear from you. So please only interested people are free to post, all other hateful comments and rude people will just be ignored. My game is online and i can support up to about 60 people at the current moment. If your wondering how I did it I wont tell you. Email me if your intereested in joining my game or joining development. [email protected] I have a nice friendly enviorment and I will not tolerate any rude or negative people on my game, only a select few will be chosen to play.

Posting some new screenshots … contact me if you are interested in joining in creation of this game. Please . you must have some knowledge of game creation. Advantages of helping me produce this game will be an opportunity of making a game that is all. There is no money, promotional reasons, just making a game is the only benefit.






edited post- erased picture

Try editing your post with https://blenderartists.org/forum/templates/subSilver/images/lang_english/icon_edit.gif, not posting 3 times in a row ;).

i cannot beleive this it looks so good and the only reply was “Use edit don’t post 3 times in a row,” I mean come on give the guy some feedback!

It doesn’t look that good :slight_smile: There isn’t really much to see, I was hoping for a file too :-?

Everything is good, but there isn’t enough stuff.It’s so empty, try adding in some rocks, maybe 3d grass, some water, buildings, wildlife, sky, different types of trees, and other people too.

Also try getting some better textures for your person’s clothes :wink: I want to try out that online play, sounds pretty cool.

Maybe why you only got that one reply before was because your not really helping the blender community by saying “I won’t tell you” :-?

well he’s not really encouraging us to give him any healthy criticism or feedback with a comment like…

It looks like an interesting concept though. :slight_smile: I really like the trees, very cool style…but yea, the texture quality could be alot better…maybe try using photo-realistic grass/tree textures as well as a more complex character map…

edited post- erased picture

Sorry bout quality of Image I do not have a good bmp/ jp converter. Jans painter… Anyway if u want a single player version of this file please email me @

  [email protected]

I’ll be sending you a email eventually I think :wink: I really want to try this one out, otherwise I would be to lazy to even send a email. :slight_smile: I doubt i’ll get a email tonight, it’s past my bed time and i’m getting off a fever of 102.9 :frowning: so maybe tomorrow.

Great buildings you got there, also try using the edit button like arr matey said.

get the gimp, free for all platforms, will convert your imnages nicely, or you could get imagemagick, or irfanview.

I know but it does look promising heh heh. But it does look quiet kewl. I htink it looks great and like you don’t need anyone help are just YOU making it?

Just reviewed the post i’ll help it looks low-poly enough. Also at www.aral.tk someone posted a wireframe of that guy. Unless that was you.

See yaz i email tommorow too late heh heh. 4:37 AM

it was him, weird behavior if you ask me…

Yes it is just me making this game and so far I really dont need much help, and yes it was me that posted that wireframe in Aral.tk forums. I was displaying my work for equilibrium… I will make the character models for Aral if u need me too…

I got the file from the email, great so far only problems I can find are that you forgot to pack textures :frowning: , the character moves way to fast :-? but other than that it was pretty awesome :slight_smile:

I liked how you did the jumping animation, swinging the stick around and the overall layout was nice, great job overall.

resent the file… sorry bout that…

if i may ask…do the lands just load all at once…and if so…how big are they would you say?..big…large…huge…or “makes san andreas look like an ant”?

Endless Lands is just a name not a statement that the game has endless lands to explore. More less it means it will always be patched and updated. My multiplayer client has gone bezerk and im researching into saluks old version of multiplayer client n networking. I’m currently having someone code my multiplayer client etc… he will take care of all that. I wont release any information on my multiplayer client cause this will be a private and sensitive topic. This information is only available to me and my friend which is a 10 yr C++ proggramer. Game is under heavy development and I will only release a demo when its time. Please be patient. Good things come in time.

Thank you everyone for your helpful information and your questions are excellent, feel free to post at will. Please be nice and respect the work I have done. Thank you for your time and patience.

Nor.J is working on networking scripts for blender. Maybe you should wait and see what he releases.

Keith. 8)