When I use endObject function, object that i have ended is still showed in objectlist in current scene. Is there any other function that deletes an object and removes it from objectlist?

An object is not immediatly deleted. It will be deleted when the actuators are processed (after the processing of the triggered controllers are completed). It will be away within the next frame.

Monster’s post is true for the most part, but I think he might be thinking of the end object actuator. With KX_GameObject.endObject(), the object’s are still marked for deletion, and are still cleaned up at the end of the frame, but not necessarily when the actuators are processed.

So…what “zombie object” warning in the console means. I guess its somehow connected to their deleting, if they are parented to another objects…or?

Moguri is right, it is deleted after the actuators are processed.

If an actuator uses this object, you get a “zombi” warning at the console.

You mean actuator of another object?..ahh I see.

Thanks for answering. Last night i was experimenting and i noticed that it is deleted in next frame, so that means i will just have to change my code. Thank you once again.