Endomarketing vertical lab

My first short animation!:smiley:
I hope you all like it:

No comments??? :frowning:
… Sad

I liked it. I thought the camera focus was good, except at the end, it blurs too soon. The concept was neat, I had no idea what was happening at first but it all came together in the end.

It would have been nice to see those leaves move a bit when the shapes came out the tree.


I like it too. I think it would benefit a lot if it were in standard 1920x1080 HD.
But it’s cool. It’s surreal, and ambiguous and enigmatic. It’s interesting and pulls the viewer in.
And the music is very sexy too.

Thanks thesmokeking and AdamEtheredge it makes me very happy to see that someone out there liked my video. The idea was to illustrate the process of creation, that everything starts with a raw idea (the stone) and with time and some modifications it can become something as beautiful and complex as a tree.

Thank you again!!!