Endorphin Emulation

This has apparently been passed by prevously… I ran across an article in Wired Magazine a little while ago describing an interesting bit of software called Endorphin made by NaturalMotion. This uses AI and Genetic Algorithms to make 3d human shapes that act like humans would under given stimuli. They walk in a natural way and take hits in a natural way. Apparently, this is used to create motion capture data and was used in Return of the King and soon Troy.

Here a link to the Wired article: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.01/stuntbots.html

Here is the companies site: http://www.naturalmotion.com/

According to the article, this was origionally done on an Atari ST and it’s current platform is a personal computer and took 4 minutes to evolve a natural walking model in 20 generations.

Seems simple enough right?

A program like this would increadably valuable to the OS modeling community. If something like this was released under the GNU, this would add an extra level of realism to open source animators.

Can it be done (again)? Anyone have any ideas?

heh… yes, the entire purpose of this post is to incite some thought on the matter and hopefully some skilled programmer will start thinking… heh


well - i don’t see this as a tool for animators but rather as a helper for large projects requiring quick motion data for large amounts of virtual characters. anyway it won’t bring YOUR characters to life - unless you know how to configure it to simulate a lazy duck, a moster in a bloodshed or a four legged alien playing with the remote control…

My point exactly. It would allow for the animation of a large number of characters. Meaning that the individual animator or a small group of animators could work on larger projects. While it wouldn’t be able to mimic every movement or nuance of human or otherwise behavior, it would help to streamline the development cycle for larger projects that where previously impossible due to budget restrictions.

There´s already a script being developed for Blender AI controlled characters. It´s Blender People by harkyman.
Check out the thread at https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21463


Endorphin is an entirely different direction from BlenderPeople.

Endorphin is for generating/designing naturalistic and natural moving ‘virtual stunt men’. It was used in LOTR for creating the motion cycles of the horses.

BlenderPeople is crowd behavior simulation with the ability to choose motion cycles/actions based on the actors characteristics.


Thanks for pointing that out, LetterRip. Endorphin is such a cool piece code! :o
The movies at the company site are really worth seeing.