Endymion-class cruiser


This is my first attempt at modelling with blender and first post here at BlenderArtists.

This model is intended for game use and will have a game and hi-res fmv version.
Currently, it’s ~500 polys, ~800 tris, with no turrets or the ilk.

Making this has brought up some questions about Blender’s features.First off, is there anyway to flatten a set of verts along an axis automaticly. Also, is there anyway to extrude the entirety of an object to create thickness for intrusions. Lastly, is there anyway to combine a set of objects with worrying about the unreliability and clumsiness of booleans, in particularly, for the engine cluster.

Anyways, C&C would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for any assistance rendered.


For your first model i have to say its amazing i don’t know about your questions because im a bit of a noob but your work is good cant wait to see it advance.

For your first question: hit s, then the axis you want, hold ctrl and move then flatten.
For your second: don’t know
Third: I think your looking for ctrl-J

Good model, have you worked with other modeling programs?

Nice start for a first model.
As Manti mentioned using scale and restricting it to one axis and pressing 0 will align all verts along that axis.
Your second question I don’t quite understand but I think what you want is extrusion (E) and then using ALT+S to scale along normals.
And the third would be as Manti said joining different object into one mesh using CTRL+J.
Btw most of these questions are answered in the manual at http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual

I worked with Wings and milkshape about 2 years ago for homeworld modding, but I got frustrated and gave up because I couldn’t get any semblance of a decent UV map on any model more advanced than a cube or sphere.

Anyhow, thanks for your answers. The normal extrusion worked flawlessly. I feel sort of stupid for not realizing that scaling to 0 would flatten if along on axis; however, the Ctrl-J served my needs nicely, albeit unexpectedly.