Enemie AI

ive looked every were for a tutorial on how to do Enemy AI for a first person Shooter! Does anyone know how to make it so when an enemy sees me he shoots at me! Can someone Please Help!

unfortunately there have been like 2 people here with remotely a shooter ai, and neither have made tuts

it depends a lot on how you have other things set up in your game. Is your gun shot simply a ray sensor, or is a bullet a physical object?

you will be using python (even if simply to face the player), and things can get very complex if you want your opponets to behave reasonably (to move in general, not to just aim and shoot)

so, pretty much, you have to figure it out for yourself.

I would not call it impossible, but it would be difficult to make it run quickly

Thanks i found out how to make AI

You want to do AI scripting before you’ve even figured out how to make something move left and right? %|

As z3r0 d said it very much depends on the configuration of your game. You’d be better writing a script from scratch then trying to mold someone else’s code into your game. Just make sure you’ve got a clear idea of the dynamics first.