Enemies fighting each other?

How do I make an enemy fights another enemy? is there an easy way to do it?

Animate…then use near sensors or something to get them to attack each other…

That is a general description of something you would do…you will have to be more specific for me to give you a better solution.

You’re adding a near sensor right? which you have to put the property of the thing you want to get attack/chase. What I’m wondering is, is there an easy way to do it instead putting many properties on a near sensor to make them fight each other? I made many enemies for them to fight.

Well…yes…but that is Python…

You would simply have to put one property in the near sensor that all the objects would have, then, use that near sensor in a script that changes the object on a track actuator.

I dont know how to make a script yet. Maybe you can help me :slight_smile: