Enemy AI help

I cant seem to find any tutorials on programing enemy AI. The only one I found was on this site by Mmph! and it didnt tell how to make the AI shoot at the Player, only how to make them follow a path of nodes. I need to find out how to get them to shoot at the player, and possibly even how to make a working walk cycle… the one I made resulted in the “bones” of the enemy flying apart every where… :confused::spin:

Try these:

thx but Its a little too advanced for me… the 2nd link is the exact one I was talking about that wouldnt tell how to make them attack u. O well, the 1st was great but too advanced:confused:

What are you trying to get the enemy AII to do?

I want the AI to patrol an area and then attck the player if u get too close and they c you. Also, I would like them to be holding guns and shoot at the player, take cover if hit, and not be completely stupid:). Id like them to be at least a little smart

A simple way to make an object to patrol is make a few empties and place them where you want it the bot to walk, then iterate though the empties (nodes) and have a track-to actuator make the bot point to the current node then have a motion actuator move towards it.

Detecting the player should be done in two ways; sight and sound. If the player is behind the bot but right up behind him the bot would be able to hear it and if the player is in front of it the bot would be able to see it from a distance.

Before I go any further do you know python and if you do how much?

i dont no any python wat so ever. thats y Im asking here, I need some good tutorials or just answers.

Its probably best that you learn python first.
BD300 has put together some links for learning python:

It will probably take a bit to learn python if you haven’t programmed before, so once you think you have a grasp on python give me a PM and I will run over some stuff and help you get the AI done.