Enemy AI to track on Z axis, having lots of trouble.

Hey guys, I am adding a bird into my game which can swoop down and attack but i can not figure it out at all, i can make it follow me on the ground and so on but as soon as i put the bird in the sky and aoze the player it will liike not work, i can make it see the player but then it just spins around in circles and doesnt move down towards the player. Im using radar and then im using edit object track to player then a motion.

Thanks guys

Also is there a way i can lock a player to only be able to move on 1 axis, imm doing a 2D game so i only want to be able to go side to side.

enable the 3D mode of the trackto actuator

Thanks man, that worked :slight_smile: now to solve all the other problems that just came up in my head hahaha, isnt blender fun :slight_smile: