Enemy Aircraft AI

Hey Blenderartists, I have been trying to look for a specific type of ai that will work for an aircraft, including the ability to fly around in the air, engage the player, and fire weapons, on the player. The only type of ai, I have been able to find is only for a race car. I even tried to contact some people about some of their ai, and they are very discrete on making their ai:mad:. I don’t care if it is either using nodes, or script, I am just looking for help, on how to make ai for an aircraft. Thanks.:slight_smile:

i dont think we have a large pool of Aircraft AI’s, what means you will have to code your own.

So i would suggest a very simple scripted AI, that as you said flys around and periodicaly checks for the player, when in range and a certain chance is given he changes from flying to next point to attacking the player. A real AI with neural networking would take some time.

just some ideas, as i dont do stuff like this :wink:
i wish you the best greets equal

You could use the edit object actuator and have it track to your player, not great and would have lots of problems to overcome, buts its a start, also hit 3D button.

I have an idea on how to get a pretty good aircraft AI working. It would need to track a single empty, which you could move to different waypoint locations when the aircraft gets close. Then if it detects the player, the empty is set to the player’s position. If the player is in range, it fires it’s weapons.

If you want something more advanced, you could start with that, and then program some preset maneuvers that the plane could do randomly while fighting the player.