Enemy Goes Ragdoll

Im going to make this short and simple. I want my enemy to do everything he already does: follow paths, animations, fire bullets, jump, climb… est. BUT instead of him dieing and dissapearing I want him to simply go ragdoll and die. How do I do this with him still having armatuers. Please give me a tutorial or tell me how (in detail). Thank you any information will be extremely helpfull.


I haven’t tried these so just ideas…

  • Can you animate the armature constraint in-game like with the IPO editor tweak people use to make arms switch between IK and FK positions? If you can animate a switch which turns the armature bind to “off”, the body would be freed to fall with ingame physics.
  • Beyond that, have a ragdoll double. On killing the enemy, they switch layers and the double takes over as the original is destroyed.