Enemy in game engine

i ctreated the enemy, and i want this enemy to die adter 5 shots not after one shot, plz tell me how to do this?

when bullet collide enemy---->increase a variable property value such as

sensor name:collision
to: bullet

Actuator name: property
variable: ouch
value: ouch+1

sensor name: property
varible name: ouch
value: 5

actuator name: message
value: die bustard

write them in enemy object

http://www.mediafire.com/?jn8981d59d5sj7e PLZ check this and tell me what i did wrong cuz it dont work

I’m also learning BGE, and with some skills I have, I fix your issue. At least I hope it’s the way you stated it to be

Edit - I have to do it again. Thought you had 2.53b

Edit - Alright, it’s correct now


ENEMY1.blend (269 KB)