Enemy Position

hi, i have a question about positions of objects specifically my enemy in my game.

How do I change my enemy’s position?? My problem is, I have an enemy with an AI that tracks my Hero and when very near will stop walking and attack.

The Problem is, when I change his position on my Level, it comes back to the same position, also, if I try to do Ctr A and Scale and Rotation to object, The enemy will be on the position I placed him but still, I think the enemy box comes back to the old position because i still get attacked weven though the enemy is far away…

I’m sorry if my question and problem is not very clear, the main thing i want to do is to be able to move the enemy around the Level and duplicate it also so that my Hero will have many enemies to fight.

The reason your enemy defaults to a specific position is probably because it has a Loc IPO setting. I’m sure there are other ways of doing this but I normally use an empty that adds the enemy object. I like doing it this way because you can place the empties wherever you want and you can control when an enemy gets added by using either the delay or near sensor.

um, i don’t reall understand what you meant and what to do

this is a link of my current work, I hope someone can help me on how to solve my problem… I’m quite annoyed because i’m in this stump on just how to position my enemy character…

hmm, i don’t quite understand what you meant. here’s a link

I want to know what to do so I can position my enemy, and duplicate it. The controls are WSAD and mouse to turn, space to jump, leftclick to attack

umm, I don’t use any IPO, My enemy has an Enemy box which is just the cube where the logic is, An Armature that has actions and uses an Action Actuator, a mesh which is the modelof the enemy.

The mesh is parented to the armature and the armature is parented to the enemy box