Enemy question

Hi blenderheads,

I have an enemy niggle. Can anyone help. Anyone have any idea? I just want to suss things out, maybe my problem cant be fixed… I’m not worried, it would just be nice to have a 25+ frame rate…

The enemies in my scene are causing some concern.
I Just tested the scene, its most definetely not the logic, but when i delete the body. the head, and muzzle flash and the weapon (all low poly) of all 5 enemies, the difference is 40 frames. Its as if its a collaborative draining of the frame rate. Only when I completely wipe the enemies from the scene does it change the frame rate!!!@##$%$#%

This is very strange.


It’s going to be very hard for someone to diagnose your game without a .blend

maybe it would help if you posted screen shots with “show frame rate and profile” enabled.

Go through your file and say outloud what you’re doing. Once, I had a 2 second minigame where if you hit the “r” key then the scene restarted. However, I copied this empty a few times (it shot blocks) and didn’t take out the “r” key stuff. When I tried to exit the game, it got stuck for a few minutes trying to close/keep track of all of the scenes I had.

cant right now, but later i’ll post all of the info relative and additional.
If its still too hard, ill pm the link to the file

Okay, if this isnt enough just tell me to post a blend guys (PM to you).

This is the corner-tracking enemy:

This is the left / right enemy (more complicated):

Originaly, the frame rate is 7 - 9.

With the 3 (of 5) enemies are deleted, which are the corner enemies, the frame rate is 10 - 11.

When the 2 last (of 5) enemies are deleted, which are the more complicated left / right enemies, the frame rate is 10-12.

With all enemies deleted, the frame rate is 45+.

With one enemy left in the scene (a corner enemy), the frame rate is 12-15. WEIRD
With one enemy left in the scene (a left / right enemy), the frame rate is 10-11.

Of course, none of this makes any sense whatsoever.