Enemy Shooter

Has anyone figured out how to make an enemy that shoots at you in Blender’s GE? Any Examples? Also, how about bullets firing from guns?


Nice little AI tutorial my mmph

I like this, “has anyone figured out how to make a gun shoot”… lol if we couldn’t, would there even BE a game engine!!! :smiley:

yes there would be so stop not helping newbies/noobs I mean you were one too once didn’t YOU need help!

anyway OT: tut 8 has them shooting fire balls you could adapt it to bullets.

Try checking youtube for video tutorials. There are tutorials all over the place, have you tried actually looking for an answer yet?

I didn’t say me personally- I was just saying that if BGE could not do that there wouldn’t really be a point to making a game engine would there now???

I wrote “bullets firing from guns”, not “how to make a gun shoot”. It was a poorly phrased question, admittedly.

I want to make a gun object that actually emits bullet objects that behave like bullets. I’m a grad student making a game-style art project, not a game designer, so I’m still learning the lingo.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions Ace & alienkid! I think I can figure this out from here.