Enemy Territory Player Skin

A friend asked me if I could customize existing model texture for our ET server. As this has been extremely fun (all credit should go to the original splash damage artists, the textures are simply breathtaking).

And with all the food, the apetite grew! I’ve been investigating if I would manage to get some custom objects into a custom map. Player models are probably the most sophisticated things as it will possibly need animation too, yet that’s what we’d like to customize most.

Initially I thought ET is such a classic, quake3 has been GPLed, there has got to be plenty of folks wanting to do this. Yet the dream of importing a model into blender, tweaking and exporting back isn’t such a straight forward process as I hoped it will be.

I’d love to get in touch with folks that aim to do similar customizations. I’m interested in

  • being able to import models with UV mapping (and animation perhaps?). I found something that should be able to export a mesh, UV maps and even animation, but for import I can only do the mesh.
  • being able to test how the model looks. Is there a model viewer of some sort?
  • will I need to use the q3radiant editor to put custom objects in a map? Any rookie tutorials? radiant seems to have a steep learning curve. Last thing I did was a doom1 map :slight_smile:

As an avid ET player - that looks great, but I sadly can’t help you with your questions. How did you get those textures?

The textures are from the original RtCW game. It’s the venom soldier.

I mean, how’d you extract them?

The .pk3 archives are just regular ZIPs and the textures are either jpegs or tgas (they allow enviroment mapping or emit shaders).