Energy Ball

A test with Halo’s, Alpha’s and Texture’s

Im not sure what all to say about it but it only took me 20min and on my freinds slow pc it was like a 5min render


Looks pretty neat. I like the minor irregularities in the ring. It might look better, imo, with some more distortion in the halo, though.

Looks like a great logo for the Intercontinental Bank of Saturn.

ok thanks guys

i like it, cool

Its pretty darn cool, especially if it only took 20 min :slight_smile:

Yeah it didn’t take long at all and the best part is it used no nodes, filters or any thing other than the material’s buttons.

It consist of three spheres

the blue one with all of the textures,
another one with the halo and alpha levels
and one more with halo and flares

the last part is the simple orbiting ring

that is a Circle with the spin modifier, with a halo and flare texture