Energy Lightning Blend

(SKPjason) #1

A few people had asked about creating lightning and energy-type discharges… I’m posting a blend file I use fairly frequently which gives a nice example of dancing energy…

Hope this might help…

Jason :smiley:

(Goofster) #2

wow, really usefull. i hadnt use the marble texture in that way yet. thanks a lot


(SKPjason) #3

Thanks a lot Gooster… you know everything I do is for you :slight_smile:

You da man!!!


(S68) #4

Cool stuff, liked it!

Much simpler than mine… I’m preparing a tut anyway!



‘Slow’ is much better, lightning strokes are fractal but with a distinct direction, the ‘Massive’ one presents unrealistic ‘rings’

(Sebasthos) #5

That would be extremely grateful, I have been trying to figure out how to do lightning for ages!

(SKPjason) #6

S68: Your comment about the “massive” one producing unrealistic “rings”… I know… If you place this material on a sphere mesh (with some plantary texture) it looks like a great force field effect… or if the colors are changed to orangish red… it looks like the planet is burning up…

:smiley: Jason

(S68) #7

Mmmmm… I see new rendering horizonts :smiley: