-Energy Room- Scifi


HEy i spent a bit of time working on this and thought some one might like it :slight_smile: so enjoy

Nice combination of effects! (i mean edges, glows and all that)
It’s an energy room of what type? it’s a space ship? a station of any type? so you could
add some light on the roof, or details… :wink:

not sure if i like toon edges, can i see a render without


Also Watch the Animation

I was thinking like a space ship type room hosing some sort of plasma i like the edging on since im not too good with gimp or photoshop it gives it a littel degree or artistic detail and takes away from my lack of skill LOL

i usualy am a Video editor so im just learning this stuff so far i love it :slight_smile:

It would be more atmospheric if the light only came from the energy tubes.


Well when your right your right lol
that dose look way better

Here make it more interesting

Nice work but…
I think you need to work on the textures. Momentarly it doesn’t look like metal more like concrete and it is too uniform.
Try to add some low powered lights to the scene where only the tubes provide lights to give it more atmosphere.
IMHO: This room seems to be pretty pointless from a design perspective. Add some panels so people coming into the room can actually do something.

nice work…
good lightnings the third one looks good than the 4 and first …
and the first one looks like some one make it by photoshop :slight_smile: