Energy shield

hello :slight_smile: this is my last work
Energy shield from my new space game

shot by “space button”
move by “arrow”

blend file (rar)

not play in 2.42 version
play in phisics sumo! (bad trajectory in bullet)

really cool, congratulations

woa…thats hot
EDIT: do you mind if i use that fire texture and script in one of my games? (with credit of course…)

yes you can :slight_smile:

Oh my, that explosion is sexy. Do you mind if i use it with credit? If yes, what name would you like the credit go to?

lol i just asked that

spams the space key
The monkey shield is too strong!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kool effect! I love seeing demo files like these!

yes you can too … my nick is Johny.D or Johando