this is pretty much my first full body model, i know the anatomy is not correct and the topo isnt great, but im hoping to improve it…


MUNKY! i am alway impressed by your work!

This is way to crazy! haha
The calves could be in a little…Kind of out WAY To far…
Add some detail to the wings
Add like the bone structure in the wing…

Cant wait to see this thing with Textures…Are you going to make normal maps for him?

thanks lilgrudge boy,
yeh im going to put some detail on the wings soon, bt i cant figure if i want to do feathered wings like an angel, or skinned wings, like a demon. i am probably goning to skulpt and normal map him but that will be later.
thanks again

i added a head to him and tweaked some of the features that lilgrudgeboy suggested, the head at this stage is pretty basic, i havent added any real individuality to it, but it will be mostly covered in hair so it doesent matter that much… still have no idea about the hands


try using subsurf

nah i prefer it without subsurf,
thanks anyways

Another idea for hand…Most Demons hands have really long and sharp nails…And You can see the bones…HERE IS WHAT I MEAN(LINK)

I like the head…you should add horns, teeth, holes by the cheek
Like So(LINK)
The cartoony thing on the right(your right)
Looks really good.The Six Pack area is really…Blocky…Not the 6pack its self but the thing next to it…maybe its in to deep i dont know…

But like i said like amillion other times…Great WOrk

Anymore progress on this? I really like this project! DONT GIVE UP PLEASE!!


sorry lil grudge boy, im thinking of starting again
but i may continue with this one

i started a new body and sculpted the details instead of modelling them in i think this one looks much better, and it is much more anatomicall correct, cant quite get the abs right yet…