Engine Animation or how drivers drive me crazy!

Hello, people of the free art world!

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Here is the Engine animation I’ve been working on, for my clients project, and rigging all of the elements just made me a little bit more proficient in Blender.

Interesting fact that I was able to connect all moving parts to the crankshaft motion and rotation speed or RPM, can be controlled by a single value! This actually took a me a ton of time to figure out.


Superb work, both technical and even artistic.

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Thanks! I’ve learned ton of technical stuff

Am I right in assuming that the smoke inside are effectively just cylinders with a noise map and transparency?

yeap. And I’ve created the shape key for that cylinder and connected it to the piston movement, as well as the noise map location value. Also a lot of time took me to figure it out the explosion timings which are related to the crankshaft rotation, and everything actually in a single shader…for each cylinder apparently

I really like the solution you came up with. It’s a really great way of keeping the project scale simple without bogging it down with simulations. Really nice idea!

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Nicely done. Good idea to “start it fast, then slow it down, then speed it up again.” All of the graphics and camera angles are illustrative, clearly showing how the technology works.