Engine Flame

So I’m a massive noob to Blender…
I’m modelling a freighter + mining drones for a scene I want to make and I’ve gotten to engine effects. I honestly have very little of an idea how to make them.

So what I came up with (Be warned: It’s dodgy) is a roughly spaceship-engine-flame shaped object with a transparent, emissions texture with the colour controlled by a Blackbody.

My questions are:
1.) Is there a better way to do this? // Link to a guide? :3
2.) How would I make the Blackbody temperature value change depending on how far a point on the object is from the object’s origin (Inverse)? (So it would be a gradient of low temperature at the tip of the shape to a higher temperature at the base)

Thanks in advance!

The distance thing worked, but it came up with sharp changes in colour, which I found odd. Anyways, that link helped a lot. Thanks!