Engine parts

A quick preview of some parts of my engine

C&C are welcomed


Looks good.

Small note on the oil filter, the top of the can will usually be a bit rounded, the lip connecting the can to the base is a bit thicker and the filter will usually be sitting on its seal which extends slightly past the lip so it should be raised slightly off the surface.

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Some oil filters has that shape, but like u said the lip has to be thicker, thank u for that​:pray::heart:

That looks really good. I’ve rebuilt a few motorcycles when I was younger and only one thing catches my eye right away. The surfaces that are planed (machined) flat leave a fairly sharp edge, not rounded. Some edges might be bevelled but that is a sharp 45° bevel, not rounded. Keep it up, great work!


Thank you for your comment, i will handle that

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This is some super work! My cursor started to drip oil as I ran my mouse over the image. It’s that believable!

A couple of minor thoughts:

  1. It’s always nice to see not only a render when posters seek critique, but also an additional image of the 3d topology. It adds for the exploration and discussion for the forum. Anyway, just my opinion.

  2. Sometimes in addition to pure believability it’s nice to consider the aesthetics and work out how to remove unpleasing or distracting elements. I’m guessing you are using an HDRI for lighting? If so by rotating the HDRI a bit you might be able to remove this stray reflection.

  1. On the topic of the HDRI, are you possibly using an outdoor sky image? I say that because I see a bluish hue in some of the reflections. If I am correct about my guess I would suggest considering an indoor HDRI that would correspond to an auto shop type environment.
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I’m so pleases with your comment

About topology, i will upload the full project with topology of all parts, it just a quick render to see how parts are in the same mode and if everything going write or not.

For the hdri, yes i used outdoor one , just a quick render, but i will setup a good light for a full scene, i still have 2 parts to texture and another motor in the same akira motorbike, so it’s a big project, but i thinking of seperating every engine in a seperated project , so i can show my effort on topology and texture

This is the topology of one of the parts

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Very lovely modeling. Thnx for posting.

Truthfully I’m perhaps more impressed by the model here than even with the very nice render.


Thanks, It my first time texturing a personal project so i want it to be as good as the topology

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much, that’s a great honor :heart:

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how to model like you i stuck always

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I usually take it part by part then try to bridge between parts, try to use polycount as low as possible to help yourself model clearly and it will be easier to modify with low polycount