Engine Roar


Engine Roar is a racing post-apocalyptic game created by Nudiventra with the conquest of new tracks and vehicles. You can see good physics, interesting story and damaged cars. Development of the game at an early stage.

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Concept: Igor Tverdokhleb.
Models and textures: Igor Tverdokhleb, Alexandr Tverdokhleb, Denis Yeliseyev, Igor Troyanov, Katherine Novakovskaya
Programming: Andrey Voloshin, Adrians Netlis(2015-2016)


Gregory Ivanov (Physics of the main car).

List of Progress: Link>>




The conquest of tracks and cars
Damage to vehicles
Unique environments and physics
Play using controller or keyboard & mouse
Windows / Mac / Linux

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This is really good, the only problem is the lag :confused: you should solve it with some optimization feature like Level of detail etc…

Great looking game! You should add bloom,motion blur and some reflections here and there. Maybe move closer the camera to the car and add sky box.

The environment looks good. Also a lot of features. However, either physics or graphics are not optimised so oyu lag.

P.S. for others who notice me here - I am leaving to next destination after ~ 15 mins, currently returned from previous one.

nICE trashy look, reminds me of my last car. can you please tell the specs of your computer.

Thanks! specs of my computer:
Linux Mint
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E4400 @ 2.00GHz
GeForce GT 730

Engine Roar - Rattletrap

Nice cars! On the first video, the container at the beginning, nice touch! hehehe
Just one strange thing, something strange happened to the minimap at 2:47, maybe because of the bumpy part of the track.
My favourite things: I like the transitions, from the bridge to the rocky walls and trees, and to the geometric tunnel… the textures on transition from the dusty track to the tarmac is fine as well.

it is smomewhat hard to see the shelby in such a cut off condition. what have you done to elenore?

Yes something like Shelby, but artistic and not realistic.
Here is an example not clunker, but he is now in development, plans to make many changes:

Maybe reduce physics in scene? You have low CPU, and a lot of rigid bodies. Check profiler, but I guess already now that your low CPU could be faulty as GPU is not very high, but it is fine(~2.5 x better than mine)

Or maybe you cover all scene with one sun light? Try vertex parenting to car, reducing resolution and frustum size.

Engine Roar - ALEXILAIHO

Engine Roar - KATRINE

Engine Roar (Test 0.04)

Cool - you fixed the lag:) Was it shadowmap faulty or too much rigidbodies for your low-end CPU?

Very professionnal look ! I like the light and the texturing of the cars demo.

Will you download a playable demo ? :wink:

Very professionnal look ! I like the light and the texturing of the cars demo.

Will you download a playable demo ? http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/smilies/sago/wink.gif

Thanks! The demo version of the game yet. We need to fix a number of problems.

The game slows down from the recording screen in Linux
Game works fine

So you are a Linux user too? Nice!:wink:

Definitely!:yes: Аs far as possible, we plan to make a game for Linux, Windows and Mac OS

Glad to hear that so many people choose Linux - in my opinion it is very great choice and I want to see more and more people using it:)
OK, note that more than 50% of people uses Linux in their Android phones(because they have ones)(Android is built on Linux Kernel too for those who don’t know it already):slight_smile: