Engine Room

Just a little project i’m working on, thoughts?


Not to be a grammar nazi, but you should put a comma between “on” and “thoughts”. I had to reread it a bit to understand it. Sorry but I had to say that.

About the project its self, you don’t have much going on here. Calling you project Engine Room, but at the moment there’s not much to show it. So work on adding some more stuff.

Not a bad start. You have the basics going, and that’s good. Evolve it a little more and we can comment a little more. A suggestion i have is to try to render this in cycles render. That will have a very good lighting all around. To get the glass texture, you can just apply a shader, and even modify it if you’d like. Just a suggestion though. Good luck (:

My computer can’t handle cycles :L and yea still empty just started.