Engine version choice

I’m making my first game ever with UPBGE 0.3. Is this a bad choice? should I stick with earlier releases? I ask because it seems that there are some limitations to 0.3 from what Im reading. Right now I have half a level built and a little pumpkin character that scoots through it using force. I have run into a few problems. When I start a game with material view I’m fine, but when I start the game fully rendered, 80 percent of the time, my character is falling through the floor. I’m assuming this is from lighting issues. I have saved the lighting tag page and will be reading, but in the mean time, should I be using a different version to get the most from UPBGE? I saw that there is rage engine soon, but not sure what to make of it.

I suspect your lighting (or UPBGE itself) is making the scene lag. Try increasing your physic substeps to help prevent the chances of physics being disabled on performance decrease.

Properties Editor → Scene → Game Physics → Physics Steps → Substeps → [Set a value higher than 1]

wat collider type you use? i use for actors capsule type or sphere collider type and if my objects not collision to static objects i up margine bounds counts in physics panel for object. How talking RPaladine maybe you problems in physics step in game - use setup how recommended comment up