Hello this is my new work. I want to improve my texturing / lighting technique so I will be very pleased if you tell me what is wrong or can be done better.

Therew are 3 light sources - area light - above the object, spot light and lamp on the front.


I don’t think that the edge lines are really adding anything to the image. Other then that though I think it looks pretty good.

i disagree i think the edge lines are giving it this cool cartoony yet realistic style…very…interesting and might be suitable for a point and click game. i like it

i like it alot. :). good job

it reminds me of x-men legends the game.

I like the combination of edge lines and simple textures. It has a unique quality that I like.

maybe it’s because this a style i’ve seen before, but this really looks like professional work. the thick edges make it obvious this image is not supposed to be photo-realistic. but in a wierd, backwards kind of way, that slight step back from total realism makes it much more believable. i really like it and i wouldn’t change anything.

I think its a great piece…Nice style. I like to see people developing into something diffrent. Makes your work stand out more.


I’d prefer if you post a pic without edge lines so we can compare , anyway I see here a very cute artwork. keep it up.