Engineering problems...

ok, here is the deal. My high school engineering class is currently researching.

might have already been done, maybe not though…

a keyless pad lock (for sheds etc), im always loosing keys and its a pain when youve got a lot of them to sort out which one you need. how about a padlock with a little scanner that you press your thumb on?

you can get finger print scanners on door handles so i dont see why it wouldnt work on a padlock, maybe have a metal flap to cover the scanner when it isnt in use.

How about redesigning so that the amount of white light didn’t blind anyone who tried to use it inside. :slight_smile:

What type of engineering are you looking for? EE, ME, CompE, ChemE, CEE, etc. or is anything fair game?

almost anything is fair game

Make a car that is small, seats four people and is still aerodynamic. Look up coefficient of drag in wikipedia for a list of cars by air drag so you can see how to design.

This is a huge problem because these cars are often too ugly for people to like and too hard to get in/out of because of size, but they’re necessary to reduce fuel consumption.

just a swich on computer to alter which harddrive is connected from many harddrives, could be like rotation knob and ten harddrives for example :smiley:

how about another ergonomic mouse? or chair?

a worterless toilet, without the problems the current ones have

people are always complaining about kids playing video games and not getting enough exercise…

Why not make a turbine that is powered by a treadmill… Plug a play station 3 into the turbine, so that the kid has to walk to give the console power :smiley:
To play games they must exercise.

You could also make a model for overweight spouses like mine. But rather than a game console, have a pair of handcuffs, and a very, very long feeding tube attached to the treadmill.

better, you give me a good idea that ill cash in on, and make millions! :smiley: /jk

- Turbine

A turbine powered by a treadmill is a treadmill powered fan.

hi shbaz,

you are wrong…
here is what a turbine is:

so basically a turbine+treadmill=generator.

I really wish they would teach better English in public schools.

hi shbaz,

you are wrong…
here is what a turbine is:

so basically a turbine+treadmill=generator.

I really wish they would teach better English in public schools.
Did you read the article, or did you just look at the picture and assume you were right? FYI, I’m in engineering school. I’ve taken thermodynamics, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the first line of that wikipedia article is true.

A turbine is a rotary engine that extracts energy from a fluid flow.

If you were to simply rotate this particular engine all it would do is move air.

If you were to attach this particular turbine to a generator and move the turbine by some means, then it would be a gen-set.

I’m curious… did you go to public schools? I certainly did.

I’m in engineering school

so that is why you called it a fan? Brilliant :smiley:

squeeky or lumpy or wobly wheels on shopping carts
i always hate getting one of those
not being able to find your car when you come out of store
not being able to find remote for tv
keep from having to touch doors in public restrooms
why does the cigerette line at walmart say absolutely 10 items or less
so you can buy cigarettes unless you have 10 items or less
drive by area infront of entrance of stores holds up people and traffic
being able to use your destop computer hardware with your laptop
laptops usually have dooky video cards and etc…
we can burn saltwater but nothing is on the market using this technology
what can we use areogel for (glass house?) (is newest material made by nasa)
(insulation, heat reduction for computer chips and motherboards with increased MHZ)
real C3PO’s
computer like minority report(movie)
completely possible
transparent ,color ,ultrathin computer monitors
portable wearable computer with small see through eye screen( I would buy one today)
for standard market price
full computers for cars (no need to spend outrages prices for nav system car phone stereo and etc…)
there are brainwave readers that you can use as input device for computers
they have them for gaming in works NeroVR

A fan moves air. A turbine does too if you turn it, though it’s typically designed to be turned by a moving fluid.

Don’t get mad at me and start throwing insults, I didn’t make you wrong, I just noticed and pointed it out.

I think DarkCGI has got the idea down…anyone else wanna give it a shot?

anybody else got any ideas?