Engineering Tutorials

yes , here goes some engineering tutorials , …

ok , here goes an explanation on drawing a shear-moment diagram

i can make tutorials on

Statics , Electric circuit , electronics <learning this one now>
Strength of materials <learning this one now>

i hope this might help someone else :wink:

Uploading video tutorial .


Codec for video tutorials

TechSmith Codec

lecture one
lecture two


i made this as a test , give me some feedback please , the codec , does it work on linux ?
and also , what settinges for a video tutorial do you guys prefer , …

also , what about a series , i have an old sticky at the GameEngine forum , i want to update it , so what do you guys suggest as tuts ?

Engineering math , statics , Circuit analysis , and more …

i feel that i have a lot of power that i want to unleash , wew @_@ … , i enjoy making video tutorials a lot .

so what abuot a complete guide on complex numbers , not basic algebra , i mean advanced complex numbers topics that are needed in many fields .