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(Rob) #1

Just to say a big thanks to everyone for using English, even though it may not be your first language. I am a typical English man and can’t speak any other languages, in fact sometimes I find English tricky :smiley: I have tried to learn other languages and have failed, sorry :frowning:

Trouble is if everyone splits off by language then devided we fall?

So really BIG thanks for using english!


(MoreK) #2

Hey no problem at all! I’m glad we can share ideas, English is a great tool for that.

Just remember that we non-English-speaking persons can occationally make ourselves much easier missunderstood or give totally wrong emotianal signals. Or sound silly. All that just because of a strange language.

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(Timothy) #3

Which I think indeed more people need to realize. There have been some occasions where in dicsussions, people have been made fun of because of their use of english.
I would like to see those who made fun of those people try to talk in french, spanish, dutch, or any of the languages that the people here at elYsiun.com natively speak.

(theeth) #4

Kib: I’ll second that. Essayez juste pour voir de suivre une conversation (cohérentes) en français. (no Goofster, “maman fait papa pain” is not coherent :stuck_out_tongue: )


(Goofster) #5

Je parle français très bien réellement, je me tiens juste en arrière ainsi vous des types ne sentirez pas le mauvais.


ps. thank you babelfish

(Titus) #6

Rob, many people like you just speak one language but happens this language is not english, this is one of the reasons some people is asking for other forums, contrary what you think this way you won’t split the forum, you will increase it. English is and will be the “lengua franca”.

(theeth) #7

rotl :stuck_out_tongue:


(stukkm) #8

je ne deteste pas le francais, mais mon abilite pour parle le langue est…s um… tres crappe. hehe, would’ve probably failed that class if it weren’t for the translator on altavista! :wink:

(joecool) #9

all you french speaking people:

Oh yeah!? Prove it! :wink:

(Alvaro) #10

hey, boy, i’m not rigth to you
To learn and to known another language is wonderful thing
There are not a “lingua franca”. Every language is rigth.

(Xampersand) #11

Two years of Deutsch and I’m pretty sure the only thing I can remember is “Wo ist der W.C?”

So add my thanks to all of you who are making the effort to use English.


(Abracsis) #12

Alvaro, American English isn’t right. Heh, only joking. I think English Is better as the international standard over something like french.

Sure we have alot of irregular verbs etc, but to use french as an example, the country is preventing french from growing and adapting, Trying to keep it pure, there is a quota for how many non french words radio stations in france can use.

Language has to adapt to society and society changes, and evolves, english has many ways to expres the same thing, and although it’s been forced upon a great deal of people as the international standard, at least most of english is “borrowed” from other languages anyway. so effectively your speaking a little of your own when you speak it :wink:

But thanx anyway for learning English. However we do not get films etc in othr languages so it’s much harder fr us to be exposed to other languages.