engraving text on a briefcase

Hi, when I try engraving the mesh using the boolean modifier -> difference I get jagged edges and a flatter case. I was wondering if there was any other way to do this or maybe there’s something I’m doing wrong that I’m not catching.


Briefcase.blend (366 KB)

The easy solution here is to just shade that side of your briefcase solid.

There’s not really any way around the problem - you’ve got a lot of vertices connecting to a few vertices and that’ll always be messy.

3 ways

one you can do it in 3D

or you could use a bump mapping or normla mapping too but not as beatifull as real 3D model !


…or you could make a texture with the text and try using the displacement modifier, but you will have to subdivide…

I had this problem, and I used the retopo tool to give me the shape of the letters (or however) then delete both the bottom faces of the letters and the top of the briefcase. Then select the edge loops on both these sides and press Skin Faces (F>SkinFaces). With a little tweaking, this should work.

Good Luck

Well, I tried engraving the text on a scaled cube. Blender froze up for about 30 minutes, and then told me there was an unknown boolean error. I was wondering if someone else can give it a try and maybe fix the problem?


Briefcase.blend (366 KB)

you really want to make this 3D isntead of using bump mapping for instance ?

then you ahve to manually do the connections between theses 2 objects

forget about boolean it want work in this case !


Won’t work? well that stinks.

What is and how do I do a bump map? :confused:

first write the words that you need and black
and place itright above a grey pane
set the camera right over it so that it cover the whole grey plane

then render this and ave this as a JPG file

then you can open a new file with a plane on which you apply this JPG file you did
and add this pic as an image texture to your plane
go to the ma out panel and set NOR and adjust the NOR value till you get what your looking for
of the NOR setting at the top is yellow i think this gives engraving inward and if it is white then it’s outward

and don’t forget to place your camera to look at thisplane with bump map at an angle
so you can see the bumpmap
see pic as example

now it gives the illusions of 3D but it’s only a bump map
if you need a lot more effect than you have to do it the long way
by doing it with real 3D letters but that takes longer to do - but it’s real 3D effect

happy blendering


you can try the following method:

  1. Add Text
  2. Transform it into a Curve (single filling group)
  3. In Edit Mode, add a Bezier Circle and, from the Transform Properties, push Vector button to transform the circle into a square.
  4. Move, enlarge and rotate the square 45 degrees in order to cover the text curve entirely.
  5. From Editing buttons panel (F9), change Extrude parameter and, if necessary , also Bevel Depth and Bevel Resol parameters.
  6. With Alt+C, convert Curve to Mesh.
  7. In order to adjust the text engraving depth, you can add another plane inside your model.

Hope it helps


thanks for the help guys.:cool:

I decided to go with what Benkei said. But I couldn’t get a true engraving so I decided for it to be a metal plate bolted onto the briefcase instead. :wink: