Engraving tool for blender ala LW cad?

Must ask again…isn´t there a type of bevel, engraving tool in blender that can do this…after all, so many are praising the model capabilities it has over lightwave, but I just can´t find anything on how to do this with ease in blender.

The new bevel custom profile tool doesn´t work on polyselections like this, only end ege beveling, and not on edges on the center on a mesh either.
Lightwave LW cad works on any kind of selected polyface, and also on multiple selected ones, and it adds geometry to the faces in order to make an engraved profile, se vid in the beginning…

I suspect it isn´t possible natively in blender, and of course…same in Lightwave…it´s a commercial plugin, so maybe a commercial addon for blender?

Hi Michael. :grinning:

Maybe this addon can be something

Thanks Mikael, you always jump in and help out for things I look for…much appreciated.

Yes…that is very similar, just tested it briefly…lite version, as for what I can see now I have no means of selecting own profiles within custom curves…not sure if the full version does just that…because it´s not very nice to have the need for other meshes in the scene as profiles to sweep with.

Also…I couldn´t select a bottow row and a top row of polygons and run it…getting errors, while Lightwave cad works like that when selecting poly loops seperated from eachother, so LW cad is slicker so far.

Need to taka look at the full version for this though what else that does.
It will be helpful anyway cause currently I do not have LW cad…I need to see where Lightwave 2020 stands in the development phase before even considering LW cad…or focus more on blender.

Thanks again for this tip.

You can use custom curves and multiple selection rows, seen some videos showing that. It may be easier for me to answer as a former Lightwaver then people who have never used it. I also have seen the engraver thread at lw forum so I knew what you where after and then I remembered this addon.

Not on my side…with the lite version…it yields error when trying to ue a top row loop of polys and a bottom loop row.

And the curve profiles I can see, my version is shortened and with these options, normal scale slider then checkbox to sweep faces, caps, and fuse the control panel ends there, unike in the vid where you have the profiles curves to adjust…so are you refering to the full version or are you on the liteversion as well?

Tried it on blender 2.82 version: 2.82 (sub 5), branch: fluid-mantaflow or maybe I should try on another version?

I can only refer to videos for both LWcad and polysweep, I have never used any of them. :laughing:


  • But the free lite version doesn´t have the curve profile options, I think that is part of the curve lab settings which isn´t present in the lite verson.

  • As for multiple selection rows, I myself did not see anything of that from the vids.
    What I ment by that is to have a none selected row in between, just as you can see in the lw cad vid…it fails when I try to do that.

But you don´t have to waste more energy on researching that, I can contact the developer on that page or to his mail.

I can see it being more powerful in some sensens than lw cad engraver perhaps…not sure…depends on what you will do, it has some interesting expression options for sure.

The extrude mode seem to work similar to multishift profiles.

Lw cad I had the chance to try out…awesome, but always searching cheaper alternatives, and always beware of where Lightwave will go next…if I am to motivate another LW update and also include purchasing expensive plugins.

LW cad has a reduced price during corona though.

Look here.

Hi, I see there some interest in polisweeper! i never used lightwave but I had a similar tool in modo, when I switch to Blender I could not survive without a poly sweeper, so I put together 1000 lines of code… At moment the tool still in beta stage, thank you to point me at “engraver” tool, it could be of inspiration.
To get used with polysweeper Is important to see the video tutorial because Is tricky at the beginning. Write me if you think the video Is not clear in some point and i l try to make It Better.

(The multi loop mode Is only in proversion… It was a last minute patch, I ll put It also in the lite for next release.)

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Yes…I noticed in the vid that the pro version showing this has multiple selection…while the lite version has not.

Will take a look at what else the proversion will offer, but having a lite version with multiple selectionwill help me use it a bit more…so I think it´s a good idea to get that multiselection going for that as well.

I would probably need to use the curve profiles later on anyway…cause that is what I felt was nice with Lightwave cad.

I will not take any decision on getting this plugin…or lw cad though…not until I see what the next Lightwave release brings…if it is a total dissapointment for me, the chances are I will get this plugin as a full version.

What you need to have for the custom profile curves, that is a way for us to save out your own custom profiles within the preset system.

Otherwise it seems capable of doing pretty much the same thing…need to check up on the latest for LW cad and see what else we got…the expressions and some other sweep functions in blender is something LW cad can´t do though.

Then LW cad isn´t just engraving…a lot more with smart nurbs, windows, rails, profile curves, offsetting…realtime booleans, shingles that can be cut off by roof edges, repeating elements fo your own design etc etc.

Right now Victor offers a reduced price at 175 usd for a full license, during the corona pandemic.
Here is his video site demonstrating his tools, perhaps you will find something to duplicate from that if possible.

His main site…
His help site for docs in various versions, both pdf and vids…where you can check in principle all tools

I don´t have the full version…tried demos and other full versions I do not have access to myself though.

I scheduled some time to spent improving PS in these weeks and I ll put multi selection in next lite version and I’ll begin to study a profile manager system, in the meantime have you see blender archipack?

There also this addon to use with blender curve system:

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