hi i’v decide to work on some new objects and i thought that i’d try engraving words (instead of just putting a material on) into them. whats the best way to do this?

I would really recommend a bump map with a texture…too badd you dont want to use textures…i think it will be difficult with out having a high vert count…goodluck though

Or you can try a highly subdivided plane and a displacement map. You’d need a texture but you’ll have your engraved text.

You could also try the displacement modifier in the CVS builds.

As mentioned already, that kind of stuff is usually done with textures.
So, if you really want to model it, then it heavily depends on the surface where you want to engrave something. And of course, what you want to engrave (what kind of font, especially - a blocky one or a handwritten one). Difficulty can go from “Not that hard” up to " Near impossible"…
What I want to say - think about it again, mapping will be generally (a lot) easier. If you still want to model it, and need help for it, then please post some more informations.