enhance the collors

How can I make the colors of my game more vivid, there is a filter or something like that to make enhance the colors?

There are a few, not too many but there are some. Play with them and choose which one works the best. They can be accessed via the blocks editor

uhm, i think that those filters ll not help me with this, thanks kmccmk9.
anyone else have any tip?

You could, y’know, use more vivid colors in your textures?

yes, I can but the big problem is that the lightmaps are dark in some spots and not that dark on others, I want an effects like the curves from photoshop or a brightness and contrast with saturation.
Something like that

Are you willing to use GLSL Leon?

Yes I use GLSL

So far I got this

I think that I got good result here, I use Hdr and a saturation filter to make the contrast look good, take a look, if someone have something to add a tip please tell me I ll deliver this project tomorrow.
I need something very realistic.
thanks for the help so far

Hey, that looks incredible. Would you mind if I posted that screenshot for the BGE on IndieDB? That could help drum up some interest in Blender.

No go aheaed, I ll post the screenshots tf the rest of the project later, I need just to add some details!

You’re using some baked shadows I suppose?

Thanks - it’s a really great rendered shot. Good job, again.
Edit: It’s up on IndieDB. Leonn, you’ve been accredited.
Edit 2: I’m finally SolarLune on here! Yesssssssss.

Hehe,soon as I finish this project, it ll probably be on the burster to play, I ll send the links and some more screen shots later on finished project probably. thanks Solarlune.
Chicortiz(hey you changed your name too!) yes I used baked lights. Hey PM me later wen you have the time, maybe we could make money together on future since you live on brazil aswell!

Hi Leonn. Since yove been using baked shadows, I suggest to decrease the contrast between dark and light areas, the difference is to high the way it is at the moment. This could be achieved with some additional point lights or increasing the energy of your “bake setup scene”. Don’t forget to have a lightmap to play with the values. You can also cheat a lot changing the lightmaps individually and baking the lightmap with additional lights for some objects. But the scene is just awesome the way it is at the moment, take a rest men!

Did you joined the Brazilian devlist at google groups? Thank you for your invitation BTW



To me, the shadows are fine - I think the scene could benefit from a low Hemisphere lamp to up the ambient light levels - the top of the couch, for example, is way too dark to be mid-day.

I m using HDR, so it decreases the light intensity as the spot that you are looking is bright, the scene is more bright than that, my client ll post the project on his website and I share the Url soon as I have it!
thanks a lot for the tips! I ll try to increase the quality with them.

Here is another part of the project, both of them are almost done! thanks for the help!

Nice. The shot is a bit too far away, but the graphics are very nicely done. I’d put this up on indiedb, too, but you say that the two parts are almost done, so I’ll wait for more shots. Great job.