Enhanced 3D Cursor Add-on

I successfully installed the add-on “Enhanced 3D Cursor” into Blender 2.68 running with Windows 7 using the procedure outlined by jonnybevo in his YouTube video “How to Hide the 3D Cursor in Blender” but can seem to figure out how to install it on a Mac running OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. Can someone help me out?


I just watched the video and… “Procedure” :smiley: Since the link gets you directly to the file, right-click and “Save link as…” (name of the option in Firefox).

Then in Blender, File menu --> “User Preferences”. Open the Addons tab.

First, check that the addon isn’t already there. (Depending on where you get your Blender from, the addon might already be included.) Set the Supported Level to “Testing” (to make sure Blender searches everywhere) and type “enhanced” in the search box.

If the addon isn’t already there, click “Install from File…” at the bottom of the window.

Finally, click the checkbox to activate. That’s all. (A lot of words for a few clicks!) :wink: