Hi guys, this is my project about Enigma, the cypher machine adopted by German Army. Blender & Luxrender. Your impressions?!?

i like it very much, especially since i am german^^ but i must say, i like the documents and the glasses even more! they look great!!

Very impressive

glad you like it :eyebrowlift: Thank you!!!

Chair, table and floor could do with better textures but rest of your image is good!
Well done.

Oh, thats pretty cool!

It’s a pity that the only thing that doesn’t look real is the paper on the table, when you have worked SO hard on getting the enigma machine to be correct, even the lamps, very WELL done!

Thanks JoolsMcFly, I’ll experiment with other textures… the table, I think.

Thank you! Why the paper doesn’t look real for you?!? I love them!!!

A test with an other texture for the table. Is it better? I think so…