Ennemy wave system ?

Hello everyone, does anyone know a script to handle the creation of ennemy waves like in TD games ? Cause I’ve managed to create one with logic bricks with a lot of properties but it’s huge and messy (and ugly)…

It should not be that difficult. You deal with a sequence of operations.

wave t+0 with 3xA 2xB
wave t+1 with 5xB 1C
wave t+2 with 2xB 3xC 1xD

You could have a enemy adder for each wave adding the according enemies.
Then you detect when to start what wave … add the according wave adder (which adds the waves) after that the wave adder can end itself.

Just a very rough idea

Edit: The demo does not contain a check when a wave is cleaned, nor a method to start waves early.


SimpleEnemyWaves.blend (461 KB)

Create an empty responsible for informing the spawners when to spawn, and then setup the appropriate feedback from the objects being spawned:waves.blend (506 KB)

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