Enormous memory leak on 2.83 in older version of macOS?

There seems to be some kind of memory problem I’m having with blender 2.8x on macOS. Having said that, this is an atypical configuration. Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro with 16gb of memory, on macOS 10.12.6. I have to remain behind on macOS updates on this one machine because this is a production machine, and certain software needs to be on 10.12. I tried 2.83 on a different MacBook under macOS 10.15 and the problem did not seem to be present.

The following problem occurs on all versions of blender 2.8.

In only a few dozen operations of the simplest kind, blender seems to be using up all the available memory on the machine until the machine OS itself intervenes and pauses blender and everything else but the Finder. The error reads “system has run out of application memory” and one has to quit applications to get out of the lockup.

Starting with a default cube, I merely moved it around a few dozen times. Then I duplicated it, and subdivided it. I subdivided the other one. This alone already showed a loss of 2 gigabytes of memory. If I continue to work, all free memory is consumed quickly and the machine’s OS pauses activity and warns me to quit open applications. This is concerning a model that has less than 1000 vertices.

I can do the same sort of thing in blender 2.79, and I can actually recover memory, not lose it. Has anyone else seen anything like this?