"Enprison the Game Engine" campaign

Hello game engine freaks

This is just an “idea”

Many people want a top high-tech engine
Some, like me just want a STABLE, COMPLETE, and FINNISHED game engine
A platform to publish game/interactive content that people who know nothing about computers can use/watch ( with the web plugin if possible)
But all want Blender Game engine

Jorrit seems to have nice (and correct) intentions, and the will too, to apply them ( I guess that Erwin is no more “here”?!

So the idea is to make a Blender Foundation ( best option I guess) campaign to raise funds, to hire/incentivate programmers to work on the game engine

Comments, ideas, … leader(s)

Erwin has just moved from London to America. There is a post in his continuous Physics forum saying that he’ll continue working on the Game Engine when he’s settled in.

Yep that’s true. He’ll continue his work when he’s done. Also I thought that his physics will be in the CrystalBlend. Anyways, it won’t take long before he gets back on his physics again. :smiley:

i still use blender 2.25

its the most reliable and has less glitches
it also has less features than the 2.3 series
such as more dynamic shapes and speculatiry on textures
but these are sacrifices i’m willing to take.

go with 2.25 blender publisher if u want reliability

2.34 is the best version to date in my opinion. Since they switched to using a fixed logic tic rate most games look terrible. Constant stutter and jitteryness of the camera :frowning: I was quite amazed when I opened up Transcendent in 2.34 again. The camera movement was so smooth it felt like a different engine.

I’m firmly behind crystalblend as the way forward for the game engine. Merging Blender’s game engine workflow with crystal space’s advanced features would create an amazing package. Big changes will probably be made soon, and not everyone will like them. However if we want the engine to advance in any meaningful way, it needs to evolve in new directions.

Exactly, I think we have to feel oureselves now a little be responsible of testing CrystalSpace. I’ll try every version and get some game engine stuff working in there and help improving it. I think everyone should do this. Not only use the current game engine, but also help jorrit a little with developing the new blender game engine future. :slight_smile:

I saw his presentation on the Blender Conference, and it was quite impressive. It looks really awesome and with a lot of testing we can make it even better then the current game engine. Don’t think right now, it’s buggy or lags support, well we have to begin somewhere, and I have fate in this project. I hope the Game Engine community will have that as well. Let’s hope for a better GE future of blender. :smiley: Ton was quite serious about this project, so now it’s oure turn to support it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can manage a lot of work myself on CrystalBlend. Especially on the Crystal Space/CEL side. I have the big advantage that I can make use of an engine that already works and that I know very well (given that I’m the project manager of both :slight_smile: My big problem for the new CrystalBlend project is that this version requires big changes on Blender itself and it is in that area that I need all the help that I can get.


Looks like Ogre’s communtity is under the same dilemas.

Personally, i don’t believe our problem are to many artists and few programers like people usually said.

We are tring to reach graphic and logic features. But… Where is the balance between both?

Because… its very easy to ask programers for new features, but its also VERY dificult to work as a team and use all of these new features OR learn about it. I guess we are losing something between creating STABLE new features and aplying this on complete projects, not only small demos.