Enrich - Add-on for Visual Compositing

Enrich is an add-on inspired by Photo Editing Apps to allow you to experience Photo Editing Workflow directly inside Blender. The add-on comes with a ton of Presets which are like Color filters that modify your render. Once you have rendered your image, you can quickly go through these presets to find the right effect for your scene.

The Enrich interface is designed to be simple yet powerful as it comes with two variants: Simple and Advanced. You can choose any Interface and customize the add-on based on your liking. The Notification System is designed to solve problems that might be occurring in the scene.

Also, to make Enrich completely user-friendly, it comes with an option to install Custom Presets. You can install and use your own Node Groups(Presets) inside the add-on. The installation is just a click of a button and it is installed instantly.
There’s even more in the Enrich add-on, like a set of Photo Editing options. It is a complete toolkit to do post production inside Blender. So get the Enrich add-on today and experience Photo Editing Workflow inside Blender

Get the add-on from: http://www.blenderschool.cf/enrich/



Very interesting addon, I keep an eye on this.

Already using your Photo Editing Nodes Add-on, daily basis! :wink:

If you like Photo Editing Nodes add-on, you should definitely check out the Enrich add-on :slight_smile:

Got it. I’m testing this right now and seems really handy! :slight_smile:

Great, Thanks for getting the add-on :slight_smile:

Enrich add-on 1.1 update is out for Blender, and it ships with a ton of amazing features that would improve your visual experience while compositing in Blender. It now supports external images, image sequence, and much more. The fresh new interface provides you with abundant options but never gets in your creative work. Try out every preset on your render, organize your presets, add mist, tint and much more!

The update is completely free for users who have purchased the Enrich add-on.

If you haven’t purchased the Enrich add-on, you can do so from my site or from the Blender Market (Plus there is a discount for the update launch week too!)
Again as an Enrich user, you would get all the future updates for free along with the video documentation.

View the update change-log

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It looks really good! Can you clarify, does this add new features/filters, or is it working with nodes that already exist only?

The add-on is based on effects and filter node groups that were built with the default Blender nodes

Enrich add-on 2.0 update :tada:

Enrich 2.0 is an add-on designed for a layer-based and visual compositing experience in Blender. This new update finally brings support to Blender 2.81+ and comes with a suite of new features that will improve the compositing workflow.

Get the Enrich add-on from https://blenderskool.cf/enrich
or from the Blender Market https://blendermarket.com/products/enrich-add-on-for-visual-compositing

All-new Effects system

Enrich add-on 2.0 introduces the concept of Effects. Effects allow you to think in terms of a style you want to add to your render. There are effects for adding Mist, Vignette, color grading, and many more with dedicated controls for easy customization. Effects can be easily combined one over another allowing for a vast combination of looks in just a few clicks. The Effects system is truly designed for a layer-based compositing experience in Blender.


Layer-based workflow becomes exponentially more powerful using masks. This is why Enrich 2.0 introduces Masks that complements the Effects system. Masks allow you to restrict the areas where an effect gets applied. Masks of Enrich 2.0 are built on the Cryptomatte feature of Blender 2.8. This makes masking out complex parts as easy as choosing a bunch of colors!


Enrich add-on comes with a vast library of ready-made presets that allow you to try out unique moods on your render. These presets are inspired by various filters found in popular photo editing apps and make it super simple to explore new moods on your render. With the new Effects system, it is possible to combine multiple presets together to get looks you’d have never even thought of before! Enrich also allows you to save your node-setups as presets that can be used in future scenes.

Get the Enrich add-on today!


The problem I have with this is the same problem I had with Photo Editing Nodes, which I gather this is an update of.

EVERY time, EVERY TIME, I have to append the nodes or they don’t show up in the Render tab.

EVERYTHING I’ve tried, Save Preferences, Save Default file hasn’t worked.

This is a ROYAL pain for an otherwise useful tool.

My last system was Linux. Now I’m using MacBook / Laptop, Big Sur. Still a problem.

I don’t want to make your Blend file my default file. I’d just like to PERMANENTLY incorporate the Group of nodes from your default file into my existing default file.

@unkerjay I think this issue was solved in Blender Market support.

To give more context to others:
Enrich add-on does not require you to append to node groups manually. The add-on automatically appends in node groups as necessary while you use it via the Enrich panel in the ‘Image Editor’.

I agree. Just covering my bases.

Thank you.

THIS IS AN SPECTACULAR ADDON! Why did I miss this under my radar?
Congratulations, man! I will buy the full version.
Also, just as an Idea: Please consider creating a “lite” free version with 1 or 2 features, so people can try this product first, and get the full version later.

Hi, Does this addon work with 3.1?